The time my iPhone took a break…

Basically a few days ago my iPhone switched itself off and refused to be switched on, so I surrendered to using a cute little Samsung clam-shell phone..

IMG_4378 IMG_4379

With no access to Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat and instant internet I had no real complains as it is my exam season and I could use the drastic cut in distractions. Although I was out of the loop for many things being in a boarding school I can never truly be lost, so it was alright, plus I had a cute phone.

As I am currently mothered by my smartphone, its failure caused me to forget a fair share of things. Like you know taking my vitamins, the deadlines for my revision and yeah waking up. So, that basically concludes the downside of my iPhone’s little vacation.

My iPhone is back on now so yeah I’m back on a regular schedule as I am well baby-sat.


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