The 5 step guide on getting guys to bro-zone you!! (for girls)

Many a time girls end up being bro-zoned by accident or you know it just happens but if you want to be bro-zoned I suggest you try these steps!!…

Step 1
Make friends!! This definitely goes without saying cause you ain’t no bro unless you’re a buddy. Honestly if you aren’t friends with someone how would you know that they are bro material?

Step 2
You need to find common ground and doing the same course does not count. It needs to be more than that, probably an interest in a certain sport, attitude to life or even similar taste in music. This step is essential to cultivate a closer bond and this will play a role in your relationship and provide both of you with a topic to discuss at any given time.
I know right now it sounds like flirting, that’s where the next step comes in.

Step 3
Be shameless girls!! This is the key to getting into the bro-zone the most important step; this throw them off of you, make you less attractive in their eyes. To achieve this you can’t be demure about food, you have to maybe swear like a sailor to fit in and swoon about other guys around your male friends, it can be a celebrity or a real person (that’s a personal choice). When it comes to a sexual conversation, no you don’t get awkward, in fact you contribute!

Step 4
By this stage you will be so comfortable together that you would begin to trust each other with a lot of details in your life. Inevitably this will lead to some soul-searching and you should be very comfortable sharing opinions and accepting criticism from one another at this point.

Step 5
Now you can begin to proclaim that you have been bro-zoned and wear that tag with pride!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is by no means any sort of definitive guide. This is merely a compilation of my observations about getting bro-zoned and no doubt acting like this would make a guy less interested in you unless you are the Elizabeth to his Darcy. So, yeah I hope it was a fun read!!


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