Getting jet-lagged without travelling….

I know what you’re thinking, “say what girl!!!”… But you know what I mean when you live in Malaysia and your body is set to the Eastern Standard Time (US) and yeah you basically begin to live in your pajamas, because you have no reason to get dressed when you wake up in the evening. No, I’m not talking about that post-partying day, this is when it becomes a routine and a way of life.  This phenomenon is rather common during school holidays, when you have no trips planned or none of your friends are around.

Well it does happen but not only for one reason:

1. Sometimes you’re just too stressed to sleep and then, you are too depressed to wake up.
This is especially common during exam season, trust me I would know. You go to bed, as you begin to get comfortable you remember how much you are lagging behind and yeah that’s it for another few hours you can’t even think about sleeping. Few agonizing hours later you doze off and sleep, pretty well and never want to face reality again.

2. You know those nights filled with aspirations and dreams??
Well, basically these are the nights you put your life together on your bed and get really excited about tomorrow and all that there is ahead of you which gets your brain racing and you can’t sleep. Then for all the wrong reasons you spend the upcoming nights planning all that you want achieve but come on who are you kidding?

3. When you are home and only home!
Those awful holidays you have to spend at home doing nothing because everyone around you are occupied and busy 😦 . You start sleeping in and then you start sleeping late and somehow one of the days you end up sleeping at 6 a.m. and waking up at 3 p.m. Yeah, those are one of the worst because you are absolutely bored and you have nothing to look forward to.

Re-visiting reality after this will be the worst thing possible that could happen, when you are forced to function on almost no sleep at all…


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