After spending my teen years in short hair, I am finally growing out my hair and no I don’t want to trim it 😦 .So, I have been looking for a product that makes my hair manageable and strong and this was my answer, the ‘anti-breakage, keratin oil mask by Organix.


A couple of months back I scoured the internet for an answer to prevent split ends and it was always keratin oil. To find an affordable product based on keratin oil was the issue until I found this mask by Organix.

It is super convenient as you only have have to leave it on for three minutes as opposed to the thirty minutes imposed by other masks. The consistency of this mask is very much like a conditioner smooth and silky, not particularly thick. I also find that this mask has lovely scent, which isn’t overpowering but one that lingers.

My wavy hair is left much smoother post-shower which is amazing as my hair has a mind of its own (most of the time). The first couple of times I used this product my friends commented on how much tamer my hair looked making it evident that the results wasn’t imagination.

I loved this product, and if you give a try I hope it works for you as well….


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