Types of crushes!!!

We all crush don’t we and I’m sure not all our crushes are the same. So lets take a look at the different types of crushes girls have..

1. The ‘Wanted’

This is the hot guy in school that everyone wants to be with. Trust me, if you haven’t crushed on this person yet, you will soon. It happens just because he looks perfect and so desirable all the time. ❤

2. The ‘MACHO act’

You know that moment when a guy is just sweet and defensive, making you swoon. Yeah, that’s when you start falling for him, and crushing so hard. Happens quite often doesn’t it?

3. The ‘Gummy Bear’

Often not particularly good-looking but generally a sweetheart. You crush on him because he is adorable and probably has a really cute smile.

4. The ‘Perfection’

“You guys look so cute together” is something you hear quite often when you are with this guy. Somehow at one point you will begin to crush on this guy, the possible perfect relationship will begin to appeal you, hopefully your feelings are returned.

5. The ‘Oh My God!’

This is when a guy comes back post-summer either after a month of working at his abs or after hitting puberty (with facial hair) ;). Or when you finally learn that a guy you know had a great body hidden under that shirt!! You know like when you see a picture of him shirtless or you catch him swimming!!! And you just go ‘Hot Damn’…

6. The ‘I’m bored’

Yup, it is what you think it is. You know when your days begin to drag, you’re conversations lack spice, you begin to seek the perfect victim for you daydreams and you find that nice guy who now seems interesting like never before, that’s it.

This is certainly not a complete guide to crushes but probably encompasses the common ones. So, I hope you’re able to relate and admit!!!!

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