Nirbhaya!! But when???

While Nirbhaya means fearless, women are far from being fearless in their daily lives. Why?

Is it because men are allowed to say that a victim deserved rape for being out of her house at 9 pm with a male friend that isn’t family?

Or is it because there are men who say that if their sister or daughter were found out involved in premarital sexual activity they should be burnt to death in the presence of their family??

Or maybe it is just because the best society in the world doesn’t have place for women????

We are here today witnessing lawyers, let me emphasize, educated men saying that a woman should be kept on reins.

“A woman means, I immediately put the sex in his eyes”, so try to imagine a world where women went around saying the same thing about men!! If a woman is only applicable in life in a sexual way to a man, isn’t it the same for a woman?

Why are women seen as an external addition to the society?? and not simply one half of it?? When will these misogynistic men come to their senses and realize there is no society without women???

Rape is defended and a victim who died not just merely of rape but explicit assault is being blamed for being out. How is this in any way right? These rapists weren’t just sex deprived they were obvious psychopaths who enjoyed the suffering and pain of the victim!!!


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