5 types of people during exams!!!

We all know these people!! We are these people!!! For some it is seasonal, for some it’s a way of life!!!!

1. The MIA

This is the person that just becomes a hermit during exams. You can’t see them anywhere. They are either hidden behind a pile of books or  in the library (is it the same thing?)

2. The ‘Horrible’

The person that walks out of every exam saying it’s “horrible”, “it was bad” and then gets top marks. Yeah, they are just horrible, they make you feel better for a while and then when the results come out they don’t go MIA with you.

3. The “I don’t know”

More often than not, a top scorer. Studious and hard-working but when you ask them anything during the exams,

“what do you think will come out”

“I don’t know”,

“How was the paper?”

“I don’t know”

“Do you think you did well”

“I don’t know”,

Yeah, they only know what’s in the book and they know it well which we seem to always struggle with.

4. The ‘Hungry-Bear’

You know those people who get hungry when they are stressed, yeah they are very much unlike the MIA that generally can’t even be found eating. These people can always be found with a sandwich or a bag of chips and will be going around to all their studying friends and offering food because they can’t comprehend hunger-less stress. Well that’s me.

5. The Mom

Generally studious, these people babysit the people who don’t change during exams. They keep an eye on these people making sure they are getting some revision done and are willing to help. 😀 Lovely people.

Well, you are either one these or a combination of a couple of these people. Comment your type below!!!!


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