Living With KP!!! #1

What is KP?

Keratosis Pilaris (a.k.a chicken skin) , a skin condition caused by the production of excess keratin. It is a visible skin disorder commonly found on upper arms, thighs and buttocks. KP looks like a rash only not as inflamed. KP is a genetic condition that does not bear any health implications, neither is it contagious.

Why is it a problem???

Less than perfect skin is unacceptable today, being a young woman I find my self-esteem diminishing because of this condition.

My KP is concentrated on my upper arms and this makes me insecure whenever I wear a sleeveless top. It is rather unsightly to have rashes on ones arms and ruins anything I wear. I have always thought my athletic arms are one of my best features and love clothes that expose my strong lean arms but NO, KP destroys it all for me.

I have spent the past couple of years looking for a cure for this condition (I know they say there isn’t one) but I would like to see my skin smooth someday.

I have tried coconut oil, this was the only time the ‘miracle’ oil let me down.

I have tried all the moisturizing lotions, especially products by Vaseline, a futile attempt.

I have used various face scrubs that contain salicylic acid to no avail.

My latest venture is the Amlactin lotion been on it for two weeks so far, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I see some changes soon. I am using this lotion in addition to loofah scrubbing.

Will keep you posted.

I also have a question for you guys, how do you perceive people with bumpy skin on their upper arms and yet choose to wear sleeveless and strapless tops????


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