When my mum bought me snacks…

The day I asked my mom to buy snacks

She bought torture in two packets – vegetable and fruit chips

Living in a boarding school I sometimes have to rely on my mum to purchase snacks for me. These normally are a smooth, stress-free processes until my mum thinks “owh, this looks interesting”.

So recently when I was too busy to leave school and I ran out of food I made a phone call that sounded a bit like this. “Hey Ma, can you get me some fruits and snacks”, just the usual request.

When my mum does show up a couple of days later with, well, bags and bags from Tesco I was excited until I found this unfamiliar package labelled Fruits Chips and another one labelled Vegetable Chips. I know what you’re thinking ‘ewww, why’, yup, exactly what was going on in my head.

After a couple of weeks my friends and I finally gathered the courage to try these ‘chips’. I’m not going to kid you, they were bad. Thus, a new resolution for the year, shop for my own snacks.

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