7 reasons why I love my single room..

Let me break this down for you. I am currently studying at a boarding school which allows only upper sixers to have the privilege of having a one-man room. My year has far too many students so these single rooms were up for grabs and did go off the market pretty quickly but I was lucky to get one.

1. Honestly, I am abnormal. I work better at night so having a room to myself is ideal as I wont be disturbing my roommate.

2. Things are the way I want it to be. I love rearranging the furniture in my room every now and then so not having to consider another person’s comfort if perfect.

3. Aircond temperature. Well, I am not particularly fussy about this but I do like to sleep in freezing conditions.

4. I get to listen to music without headphones.

5. It is cozy. It has space for everything and no more.

6. I get to be an emotional wreck. Sometimes I am a crybaby so it is rather nice to not have someone around. Though it could be comforting to be with a friend (occasionally).

7. PRIVACY. The ultimate prize of being alone.

There it is, the perks of being in single room.

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