My first Yoga lesson..

Let me just set a back drop for you:

I am not flexible. I am 19 and a half and have not ever practiced yoga before. I can’t and have not been able to bend and touch my toes ever in my life. I can’t kick higher than my waist and I can’t focus on my breathing.

There you have it an explanation before the story. This was a challenge I put forth for myself, I did not want to turn twenty without being able to touch my toes, heck I want to do the splits for my twentieth birthday. Okay that’s an aim, allow me to reach for the moon because I need to at least catch one star.

The lesson began with stretching and I’m was still happily breathing and excited.  Then the yoga started with the very basic sun salutation. Yeah, 1st cycle I’m curious and learning, 2nd cycle still learning and trying hard, 3rd cycle my legs began to have a mind of their own and so began the downward spiral.

Leaning back for the camel pose my arching back cracked multiple times and following that the child pose was a breeze. I spent the entire one hour session begging for relaxing poses in my head. While I was attempting the shoulder stand the instructor was walking up to me, upon looking at my distressed face she asked “have you done Yoga before?”. “No, never”  I said breathing heavily.

I needed assistance to get into the wheel pose and that certainly had something to show about my upper body strength. So, I was extremely relieved when the time came to relax on my back.

Yup, that was my first yoga lesson.

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