Back to School

Barely four hours of being back in my boarding school I was craving for home-cooked food….

Anyway, now that I realized that I only have about six months left in school I have come to appreciate it. It was lovely to see my friends again and I did kinda miss my tiny room in boarding house. Now that I got my dad to rearrange the furniture in my room, it is cozy and nice. Sitting huddled up in my sheets I am panicking about my upcoming A level examinations.

Back to a familiar but boring routine I am struggling to find any excitement about the months I have to spend here though I realize that these months have to be dedicated to lots of studying and research. I am right now a walking paradox, I can’t wait for my time in a boarding school to be over but then to leave I have to complete my examinations which I would prefer to postpone. Seeing my teachers after 5 weeks it strikes me hard that I have to start studying thoroughly to make my grades to fulfill my university offers.

Setting aside the trauma upper sixth brings with, as this means it is my senior prom this year. Ok, it’s time to start working out and getting that toned figure. If I do get asked out for prom I wanna look beautiful, if I don’t though I want to look smoking-hot. ;). So, wish me luck to balance a healthy lifestyle and a motivated academic year.

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