Being a girl ushering 2015..

My best friend and I went to KLCC (twin towers in Malaysia) in anticipation of an awesome new year celebration. We began the night queuing in one restaurant after another to have dinner 😦 . Unfortunately they were all full or required prior booking. So we walked across the street to Avenue K to get our meal.

We found WonderMama (discovery of the year), where the food was good and they had a decent bar. We had delicious hearty accompanied by good wine and some other drinks ;). To add to the point our waiter was rather cute. After the dinner we proceeded to walk back to Suria KLCC and strolled casually while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Oh, my best friend bought a vuvuzela and added to crazy noise around us. We were having the time of our lives till we got to the park where the celebrations actually was.

The crowd was at an extreme; both in volume and craze. We were rather disappointed to realize that the patrons were predominantly foreign workers. This caused us to become very aware of our surrounding. Making our way through the crowd I was clinging on to my BFF so that I don’t lose her in that massive crowd. There was this guy behind me who was definitely taking advantage of the situation where everyone was at an extremely close proximity. I had to keep shoving him away, even when the crowd split he was still behind and literally all over me.

Once we stopped, I realized that he was right next to me which made me want to leave so my friends went ahead to look for another spot to shake him off.

Anyway, the fireworks were gorgeous. It was a display to mesmerize everyone for an entire 20 minutes. That was evidently the highlight of the night. Because when we were making our way back to meet my parents someone actually grabbed my friend’s butt. She was so pissed she shoved the guy and went “HEY”. That actually made the bunch of guys that walking really close to us to take a step back. This in my opinion shows that these guys are only bold as long as we women don’t react. The moment we turn around they stand back.

How long is it going to take before girls can roam the streets without fearing harassment? without fearing rape?


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