Is age really just a number?

Age is associated with many things, position in society, responsibility and above all appearance and appeal. Today less than  year away from me hitting the twenties I love when people guess my age assuming I am younger than I truly am. It somewhat makes me feel bad and damages my self-esteem when people think I look older than I am :(.

Why has this become a social norm especially among girls and women? This being the reason anti-aging products are on the rise is an example of how the advertisement by the beauty industry is a strong influence on people today.

When I shop with my mum for my beauty supplies I notice that more 50% of the products are for preventing wrinkles and to maintain youthful taut skin. Which ultimately influences women to purchase these products and spreads the need to be young forever or at least look young forever.

Is this a new obsession of this century and people of today or have women always been taught to not accept who they are? So, anyone out there willing to age with grace like good wine?


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