Edge of eternity..

After a fairly long wait I got my hands on the book!!!!!!! Then I had to wrestle it from my mum, but I failed. So I only got to read it after she had. My mum is amazing though she keeps secrets well so there weren’t any spoilers (okay maybe one).

If you are wondering what is this Edge of eternity, I’m not surprised. It is the final installment of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett.  It is preceded by Fall of the Giants and Winter of the World. Two amazing books which I will write about soon.

I particularly liked the Edge of Eternity because trust me it was on the EDGE!! The love stories, the political struggles and power struggles depicted in the book were so realistic and actually captured the lives of people living through the battle between capitalism and communism. Controversial topics were deftly portrayed, Follett was also adept at keeping the focus on the characters in the book as opposed to historical events.

I fell in and out of love with characters in the book, I sympathized with some, hated some and simply could relate to some.

It is a good read, I hope to re-read and come up with an analysis soon.


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