OK, this ruined my trip to the mall..


Yes, women generally read romance and other books of the similar genre. Have you ever heard of chick lit, apparently it is a book genre, encompassing authors like Sophie Kinsella. This stereotype is generally for books predominantly about women, white women more often than not and their relationship with everything that life brings to them. Though there are ‘chick lit’s about women of other ethnicity, it does fall second under the books about white women. Anyway this is beside the point, my issue is the labeling of these books in a bookstore as ‘Women’s Fiction’.

The books in this section were mainly by Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern and other female writers, no doubt. Normally these books are under a general fiction section. This bookstore did not have a general fiction section though, which struck me odd. Their desire to specialize lead to this sexist mess in my opinion. Well I didn’t like this because it stereotyped women and the kind of books that we read. Yes, there is nothing wrong with reading these books, I used to read Cecelia Ahern a couple of years back. What is wrong is that they have labelled these books as books only women read.

The existence of this section without a matching ‘Men’s Fiction’ is the first evidence in lack of equality. Now we wonder are there books written specifically for men?


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