A couple of months ago i purchased a cheek and lip stain from body shop. This is my second tube of lip stain, but this one has glittery particles and is really red. It is in the shade 03.

I’m not a huge fan of it as a cheek stain because it has glitter, I guess that’s just me. Anyway it looks AMAZING on my lips, I am not even kidding. The redness of it accentuates and gives a plumper look to my lips, which I love. It does stay on for quite a while but needs reapplication after meals and all. It isn’t particularly sticky  like your average lip gloss, I really like that. It is my go to lip color if i need a pick me up that day.

This lip stain comes with an anecdote, a couple of weeks back a friend of mine who absolutely loves make up was on a day trip with me. After we were both dolled up for dinner with a bunch friends, she looked at me and stared long and hard before saying, ‘ you know, you look like a generic hot secretary, with the red lip and all’.

Yeah, this lip color gave me that. Lets see what it brings you.


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