As a girl form a rather traditional conservative Indian family, I feel less of a person because of my gender. Apparently, I’m not emotionally strong, not physically capable and not physiologically pure.

Why has this happened to us?

It may not be same all over the world but women everywhere do face a form of oppression. It generally comes with an excuse that it is meant to protect us women, from ourselves more often than not. Is it true that our emotions are self-destructive?

I have seen women being excluded from Indian/Hindu funeral rites because they ‘can’t handle it’. This patriarchal attitude seems unacceptable to me, but my voice is always hushed down with a frivolous argument about traditional practices.

Women are generally not allowed to cemeteries; honestly I would understand if the excuse for women not having to go is because someone has to stay at home and prepare the house (cleaning, cooking etc.). As women have always been the homemakers it is plausible that they are more capable of handling the household and preparing food for the guests. In today’s world where everything is bought, ordered and household chores are made easier with the invention various machine why can’t women go all the way to the cemetery?


3 thoughts on “Are women truly weak or weakened to be controlled?

  1. >my voice is always hushed down with a frivolous argument about traditional practices

    Jon Stewert has a great quote, “Sexism. Does it still exist? Most men say no.”

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  2. Well, some things are just the way they are. But the change is coming. Maybe (hopefully) the next generation is going to be brought up by more ‘aware’ individuals. Its going to take a while for people to understand that there is a difference between following traditions and blindly accepting facts.
    Keep up the fight gurl!
    Change is around the corner 🙂



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