School Survival

If you study in a school like mine where strictly speaking, no makeup is allowed and everyone is expected to look plain there are some tricks to stand out.

Tinted lip balms: get one that isn’t too pigmented yet compliments your skin tone. My favourites are the Born Lippy range from Body Shop. They are all fruity scented and moderately pigmented. I suggest getting a couple of shades that you like and giving yourself the choice every morning. My personal favourites are the plum and pomegranate flavoured ones.


The plum obviously has a darker pigment that I don’t recommend for a light-skinned girl, given the circumstances but this will be my go to choice on the days I have classes with my crush ;).

Pomegranate Flavoured
Pomegranate Flavoured

The pomegranate doesn’t stand out on my lip but it offers a light sheen of an orangey red tone, which ideally brightens up my face.

Eye-lashes: if you have naturally curly eyelashes then fine but most girls out there need a

bit of help. Curling your eyelashes instantly wakes you up and lights up your face. I would recommend heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for longer lasting curls and adding some clear mascara.

Highlight: honestly this would not yield great results if you have oily or acne prone skin. A light dab of Vaseline on you cheekbones will instantly add a dewy appearance and highlight your features, let me emphasis a light dab.

These tips will be good for you even if your school has a lenient makeup policy but you are a newbie to world of makeup. If you have a clear skin I think this is a good basic for you because you don’t need foundation, feel free to play around but remember young skin isn’t there forever there is no use hiding it.

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