Pillars of the Earth

If you love fantasy thriller (it is classified as a historical novel though) novels I recommend it, it is an amazing read. The number of times I was hyperventilating scared my best friend, she was beginning to wonder if I would make it till the end of the book.  So if you have not read it please do not continue (SPOILER ALERT).

Well, to begin with I see a pattern in this book where everything is structured in cycles. It begins with Jacques’s execution and ends with the whipping of the king, both forms punishment; both implicitly and explicitly related to the ruling monarch in England.  As Jacques was executed to prevent the truth about the heir to the throne from being exposed. Then we see Jack completing the cathedral after Tom, this brings about a sense of irony as he was the one who burnt it in the first place. It also seems as if women who loved Jacques Cherbourg and Jack, both father and son lost their lovers to some plot by the church or important members of the church. At least temporarily during their pregnancy.

I would like to see Jack as the underlying driving force of the tale, no doubt he emerges a hero with time. The mystery surrounding his birth and his father’s origin continually offers the readers the necessary mystery, and honestly as a reader I did not realize this until the end of the novel. It was tough to determine the thrill factor in the book as it was intricately interlaced among the events that occurred throughout the novel.

I interpreted the title in such a way that I believe the cathedral built was the Pillars of the Earth for the people of Kingsbridge. In those times one’s life revolved around religion and the cathedral was supposed to maintain sustainability for the town it belonged to. So in Kingsbridge the cathedral supported the town, with a Prior like Philip this particular cathedral did become the pillar for the only part of the world the people of the town knew.

I will be back with the review/my reading of the sequel ‘World Without End’.

All other fans of the book out there please do share with me the things you interpreted from the book. Those who aren’t fans also do share with me your opinion.


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