Feminine Career options.

Someone I know recently told me “oh you’re planning to study politics, that’s unusual for a girl”. This came from a person I have never thought to be sexist or chauvinist for that matter. I personally found this comment demeaning and patronizing.

If this happens in the 21st century to an openly strong young woman I can’t imagine the situation 50 years ago for girls who aspired to be doctors and lawyers. So honestly what is expected of a young woman if this is the case?

Are we still expected to go to art school? Are we expected to spend our lives devoted to our family as daughters, wives and mothers? I am not denying that family is an integral part of human life but will a young man be judged based on his choice of career unless of course if it too ‘girly’.

Anyone with similar experiences? Please share!

6 thoughts on “Feminine Career options.

  1. I have experienced this too. I’m studying law / politics and many believe ‘girls’ are incapable of becoming strong, assertive lawyers or politicians. Instead it’s often assumed I’ll be doing ‘something else’ related. Definitely based on generalisations, sadly.


    1. Well, thanks for commenting.
      Isn’t this something we have to stand up against? I feel so underestimated in many situations just because I’m a girl, this frustrates me. I really am hoping to see a change in the near future.


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